Christine Jansen

Christine Jansen


Christine Jansen, proud licensed owner of Mommy and Baby Fitness for Bradford, has her BSc in Nursing and is an avid lover and enthusiast of all things fitness. Not only is Christine a certified personal trainer, she has completed Ironman, Half Ironman (70.3) and competed in the World Championship Triathlon age group for Olympic Distance. As a boot camp instructor for level 1 and 2, a Boston Marathon finisher and Metafit Coach.  Christine’s background and involvement in fitness is no joke!

Christine has lived in Bradford for over 12 years and as her 3 children came along, noticed there were no fitness classes near her that would involve both mom and child. Between being a mom of 3 and childcare owner for 10 years, Christine saw Mommy and Baby Fitness as a great way to spread her fitness knowledge to new moms in her area. Between living out an active routine and fuelling your body with nutritious foods, Christine truly believes these are the keys to living a healthy and happy life.  Christine is a Core Confident Specialist from Bellies Inc. Since becoming educated in the practice of Re-Training the Core, Christine only wishes she had this practice available when she had her own babies!


Mommy and Baby Fitness

Wondering what goes on in a Mommy & Baby Fitness class? You’ve come to the right spot! This class is action-packed exercise and fun, you will be working up a sweat and learning lots while bonding with your baby. These classes are a great way to meet other new momma’s, bring new ideas and routines into your daily life, and introduce infant stimulation. From strengthening your core to amazing guest speakers and singing songs with your little ones, Mommy & Baby Fitness is where it’s at!

Congratulations for signing up for our next session of classes! You will love to get moving and meeting new moms and their beautiful babies!!

Indoor Mommy and Baby Fitness Class

SEPT – OCT  CLASSES:  8 week session  (week of  Sept 10- Oct 29th/18)

TUESDAY : 12:30-2 pm  STARTING September 11 ending October 30th, 2018

160 Artesian Industrial Parkway Unit #1- Paradigm Martial Arts, Bradford



Outdoor Stroller Fitness

A great opportunity to get out with your baby for fresh air and some fitness.  We will be power walking while pushing your baby in their stroller, incorporating cross-training for full body muscular strengthening and conditioning while we go!  The class will end off with our Infant Stimulation, fun parachute play, and great songs and rhymes you’ll love to play with your Little One for years to come!  **YES, this class is open to older children as well!! They will be in the stroller while we’re walking (or walking alongside if old enough – it is a fast-paced walk) but will still have a blast!

LOCATION:  ALAN KUZMICH PARK.    70 Aishford Rd.  Bradford, ON

SEPT – OCT  CLASSES:  8 week session  (week of  Sept 10- Oct 29th/18)

THURSDAY : 12:30-2 pm  STARTING September 13th ending November 1st, 2018 (class maybe moved indoors if weather consistently worsens.)


** Indoor and Strollerfitness  = $280 for both classes/wk 

**Returning Moms receive $20 discount for all classes

**Cost will be pro rated for you if you missed the start date**

Refund/ Cancellation Policy

Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout and Play™ does not issue a full refund.  We are happy to issue you a non-transferable credit towards any other program within the year.

Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout and Play™ will refund your payment minus a $50 administration fee only within 24 hours after your first class.