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This action-packed class includes a large variety of fun, easy to follow but intense fitness for Mom and Baby. We start with our creative warm up for mom with baby together, a “mommy only” fitness segment (babies are right beside us watching!), mom and baby strengthening and conditioning (we ALWAYS include post natal abdominal and core work – focusing on diastases recti) and our cool down stretch and “mommy meditation”

Following the fitness is our huge repertoire of “infant stimulation”; songs, rhymes, fingerplays, kneebouncers, parachute activities, bubbles, and so much more. You will receive our Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout and Play™ song and rhymes booklet – excellent for in-home use!

The class concludes with a group discussion, occasional “special guest speakers”, and “show and tell’. A must for every new mom and baby! Join this class today so that you can work hard and play hard!!

babies aged 6 weeks – 11 months
1 ½ to 2 hour program

**If you have missed the beginning of a session and would like to join mid-way, we will pro rate the remainder of the session providing the class is not full and there is still space for you and your baby.**

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Refund/ Cancellation Policy:

Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout and Play™ does not issue a full refund.  We are happy to issue you a non-transferable credit towards any other program within the year.

Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout and Play™ will refund your payment minus a $50 administration fee only within 24 hours after your first class.

Missed Classes/Make up Class policy:

Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout and Play™ are proud to offer you a very fair and lenient missed class/make up class policy. If you miss any classes during your session you can make those classes up at ANY other **class**,  location, day and time WITHIN YOUR SESSION DATES.

**Space pending**



Q: Do I have to be a member of the gym?

A: No!!

Q: I am going to miss the first class (classes) or some classes during the session or what if I miss a class!?

A: Mommy and Baby Fitness is proud to offer our very fair and very lenient missed class/make up class policy; Any missed classes may be made up at ANY of our other Mommy and Baby Fitness venues of your choice WITHIN YOUR 8 WEEK SESSION.

Q: I can’t imagine how I would work out with my baby! What do you do?

A: Mommy and Baby Fitness and our team of certified instructors have created fun, unique warm ups that we do with the baby! We lift them and dance with them and utilize them as weights to great Mom and Baby related songs!! After the warm up with baby, we put them in their car seats, strollers or on mats right beside us and continue to work out while they watch (or sleep or play). We use the babies again for upper and lower body work, abdominal conditioning and our “Mommy Meditation — Stretch”.  And the next thirty minutes is devoted to baby with rhymes, songs, kneebouncers, fingerplays, parachute games, bubbles and so much more!!! So both Mom and Baby benefit from this program!

Q: What if my baby needs to feed during the class?

A: We work around our babies’ schedule; so feeding, diaper changing, caring for baby goes on throughout the class. That is why we have created a 2-hour program, so that if Mom needs to care for her baby during part of the class, there are still lots of activities and benefits left to enjoy!

Q: I have a really fussy baby and I don’t think he/she will co-oporate in a class!

A: Fussy babies love Mommy and Baby Fitness programs because there is so much Mom and Baby interaction. After the warm up with baby, if they are fussy Mom can still do some of the class holding baby to calm them down. All of our classes are geared towards Mom and Baby together!

**We are happy to offer you a “no obligation trial class” if you are unsure that your baby will cooperate in class**

**Space pending.  Please call or email us for more details**

Q: I have heard about fitness classes that you do with the baby in the “snuggly” or front or back carriers but my baby is heavy and it is hard on my back… I have to “wear” my baby?

A: With Mommy and Baby Fitness programs we interact with our babies and utilize them as weights, everything in these programs are modifiable…..using a “snuggly” or baby carrier is totally optional — we generally do not use them as part of our program but they are of course optional and they do come in handy for younger babies who would perhaps sleep in them while Mom works out.




Enjoy the fresh air and shape up with baby in the park!! Our certified, experienced instructors lead our power walking sessions incorporating muscular conditioning, strengthening, stretching and Mommy meditation — much more than just a walk in the park!! Although we strive to challenge your cardio and muscles with an intense workout……..everyone works at your own pace within your own intensity. We utilize steps, stairs, curbs, hills and picnic tables as circuits to add to your workout – bootcamp style!!

As with all of the Mommy and Baby Fitness programs, babies will delight in our huge repertoire of songs and rhymes and fingerplays, parachute activities, bubbles, birds, grass, each other and so much more!

A group discussion and information session will conclude this class. This class is suitable for babies aged 6 weeks – 20 months. This class runs for 90 mins.

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Q: For the strollerfitness class, do I need a special “jogging stroller”?

A: Not at all. Mommy and Baby Fitness focuses on the post natal aspect of a new Mom and running is always optional but not enfored. We power walk incorporating muscular conditioning as we go to make it a great workout for every fitness level. Any brand or make of stroller is suitable. We have even had some Moms do the strollerfitness class with a “snap and go” and it does work, but a regular type of stroller is best!

Q: What if it is raining or really cold and windy out?

A: We will contact you directly on the day of if we feel that we should cancel a class due to inclement weather. Make up classes for cancelled classes will be added to the end of the session or on another day decided by the group.

Q: Can Dad/another partner participate in this class with baby?

A: Absolutely! Some of our locations are restricted to women only, but we do have many locations that men can attend!



Mommy and Baby Fitness is proud to introduce StrollerYoga®. Most Mommy and Baby Fitness stroller fitness classes will now incorporate our new StrollerYoga® program. The new strollerfitness class includes power walking while pushing baby in their stroller, muscle strengthening and conditioning and StrollerYoga® – yoga postures and poses utilizing your stroller for balance and support. In keeping with all Mommy and Baby Fitness programs, all strollerfitness programs include a huge repertoire of songs, rhymes, kneebouncers, fingerplays and group discussion

Babies aged: 6 weeks — 16 months
(1 1/2 hour class)

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Mommy and Baby Yoga

Join Mommy and Baby Yoga for a total body, mind and spiritual experience for both Mom and Baby! Mommy and Baby Yoga is a gentle yet challenging yoga class for mom and baby together, we alternate between mom and baby postures and poses and interact with our babies throughout the class. You do not need to have any yoga background or experience for this class.

This class focuses on breathing techniques and asanas (postures) for Mom; a chance to reconnect and balance after giving birth. As well, babies will be utilized as weights for strengthening. Baby Ohm!! It is very beneficial for babies to stretch and strengthen their body parts to help balance their right and left sides, increase circulation, digestion, growth and development (with Mom’s assistance of course!!)

This class is suitable for all levels of fitness and yoga participants from beginners to advanced.

Add Mommy and Baby Yoga to any Mommy and Baby Fitness class for a well rounded health and fitness regime. Babies aged: 6 weeks-6 months (or crawling)

(1 1/2 hour program )

*If you have a yoga mat please bring it to class with you*

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Mommy and Baby Aquaplay


Aquafitness for Mom, water play for baby! This action packed water class consists of aerobic conditioning and muscular strengthening while moving in the water with your baby. Babies will be utilized as weights and delight in our huge repertoire of rhymes, songs, water activities and fun! Babies aged 4 – 20 months

These classes are offered in heated, indoor salt water pools,  88 degrees. We stay in shallow water for the entire duration, you do not need to know how to swim for this class.

Please use the register tab below to register



Swimtime Thornhill 

385 John Street  Unit 10 (between Bayview and Leslie)   


Fridays  1:00-2:00 

Starts Friday March 29th Ends May 24th (no class April 19th) 

8 weeks  $220.00


Fridays  1:00-2:00 

Starts Friday May 31st Ends June 21st  

4 weeks  $110.00

Swimtime Woodbridge

10 Westcreek Drive Unit 18 Building B  (North East off Langstaff at Weston Road)


Wednesdays  1:00-2:00 

Starts Wednesday March 27th Ends May 15th

8 weeks  $220.00


Fridays  1:00-2:00 

Starts Wednesday May 22nd Ends June  19th  

5 weeks  $140.00





(All prices include HST)
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Personal Training    Pre and Post Natal

Andrea Grace offers one on one or small group personal training sessions in your home or in mine! (Thornhill)

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