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Andrea Grace

Andrea Grace, Owner

Andrea Grace is the founder, director and CEO of Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout and Play™, established in 1995.
Andrea is a Can Fit Pro, ACE certified fitness professional with 30 years of teaching experience. She carries specialty certification in Fitness Instructor Specialist, Pre/Post natal fitness, Yoga, Infant stimulation, Children’s Fitness programs, Spinning, Turbo Kick and Personal Trainer Specialist. Andrea serves on the advisory board for the Garret Chiropractic
Health and Wellness Centre, as a fitness expert for many related websites worldwide, and continues to be a regular presenter on Children’s Fitness and Infant Stimulation across Canada and the United States. From 1988-1994 she served as the Director of Children’s Programs for the Sports Clubs of Canada.

In 1991 she was awarded Fitness Instructor of the year for the Bally’s/Sports Clubs of Canada Corporation. Andrea’s vision is to unite mothers alike by embracing exercise and a healthy lifestyle as they embark on life’s journey of motherhood. A child is a mother’s focal point, at Mommy and Baby Fitness they both become ours. Her goal is to promote and follow the rule of thumb “Healthy, Happy Mommy – healthy happy baby and family!”

Today Andrea continues to train health and fitness professionals all over the world, works at constantly growing Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout and Play™ across the Universe while enjoying life with her children Rachel 21, Jason 19, her hubby Ted and their dog Goldie!

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Toronto North
Thornhill/Richmond Hill


Laura Emch Berry

Laura Emch Berry

Laura Emch Berry has been the licence owner of Mommy and Baby Fitness Mid-Town Toronto since 2009. Having taught some classes during her first maternity leave and falling in love with the classes and especially the Mommies and Babies she taught, obtaining the licence for mid-town was a no-brainer after she had her second child.

Her education background in Kinesiology, certifications in fitness instruction, pre and post natal fitness, personal training, coaching and sports nutrition bring a level of expertise to her class construction. Her experience being a mom to two small kids brings a level of fun and understanding which creates a relaxed and social atmosphere in her classes. Laura has developed classes that grow with the Mommies and babies including traditional Mommy and Baby Fitness classes (ages 6 weeks to moving), SuperMom class (includes babysitting for movers and shakers), Mommy Bootcamp (for the back to work crowd) and soon to come Family FitCamp (for the whole family) and Healthy Mommy program (including classes and nutritional counselling). Laura believes a good Mom is a strong, healthy, happy Mom and this can transfer easily into the whole family.

Laura is constantly updating her qualification and keeping up to date with research. She has many interesting and helpful speakers come into her classes which adds great value. She also has many resources to help new Moms when things get crazy!!

Check out our schedule, class descriptions and events for mid-town Toronto and we look forward to seeing you at one of our classes!!! Laura Emch Berry BHnrsKin, CPTN-PT, Can-Fit FIS, Sports Nutrition Certificate -Precision Nutrition, CSIA III/CSCF II, “Born to Deliver” Prenatal Fitness Certification

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Toronto Mid-Town

Jennifer Shearer

Jennifer Shearer

Jennifer Shearer, Mommy and Baby Fitness license owner for downtown Toronto, is also the owner and operator of Body Karma, where individuals can meet their fitness, holistic nutrition, and hairstyling needs all in one place.

Jennifer has been helping people to achieve their fitness goals for the last 7 years and her passion for beauty and hairstyling extends 13 years. She brings a unique approach to her fitness training through experience gained from her own weight loss journey as well as in competitive sports from boxing to figure competitions and triathilons. The hairstyles she creates are dynamic and based on individual needs whether it be a haircut, color or up styling for all different life events.

As a mama of 2 she loves to connect with other moms and work with them to feel beautiful and confident no matter what the occasion! Being the license owner for Downtown Toronto allows Jennifer to make these connections and extend all she has to offer to each and every mama she meets!

Optimal health and beauty start from within and radiate out! For more about Jennifer’s story check out

Jennifer holds a diploma in Holistic Nutrition from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition CNP. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer with Can Fit Pro PTS. Jennifer is well educated in understanding hormonal balance based on body fat distribution and is a certified PICP Biosignature practitioner as well as a certified spinning instructor.

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Toronto Downtown

Ada DiGiacopo

Ada DiGiacopo

Passion, Fun and Motivation are some of attributes that Ada bring to Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout & Play!

Ada is extremely proud and excited to be the Mommy and Baby Fitness license owner for the Bolton area.  She is a certified Fitness Instructor as well as a Personal Trainer with Can-Fit-Pro. Ada has been a fitness instructor since 2003 and loves every minute of it. She has trained ladies of all ages, fitness levels and all with their individual fitness goals.

As the mother of two young children, Ada knows first hand what a woman goes through pre and post pregnancy. She can relate to the struggle of getting back into shape and the moments when you just want to give up. A difficult labour with her first child in March 2005 resulted in a C-section, restricting her from any kind of physical activity for more than 8 weeks. Getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight proved to be very challenging but with the right nutrition and workout routine with Mommy and Baby Fitness Ada was able to get back into shape (it took almost a year!)

However, Ada delivered her daughter naturally in October 2007 and was able to return to regular physical activity after only 2 weeks! After her second pregnancy, she felt like her body knew what to do and it was much easier to get back into shape.

After both pregnancies, Ada kept active and followed a nutrition/fitness routine. At times it seems like you are never going to get there and it can be discouraging, but you have to give your body time and keep at it!

“Know what you want, and BELIEVE you can get it”

Ada’s passion for fitness, combined with the ups and downs of motherhood, have made her so much more empathetic towards women who are trying so hard to get back into shape, whether they have had kids or not. Every one of them has a story, and they are eager to write a new chapter about their journey. Ada is here for you, to Motivate you, to show you how to have Fun while working out and to help you develop a passion for your individual fitness/wellness goals.

Outside of her family and the world of Fitness, Ada’s other passion is ice hockey which she have played for the last 15 years. In her spare time, Ada gives back to the community by being a volunteer driver and fitness instructor for a cancer patience resource centre in Brampton.

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Diane Leighton

Diane Leighton

Diane runs Mommy and Baby Fitness in Markham where she lives with her husband Ed, children Elyse the ballerina and Cameron the hockey player, as well as a menagerie of animals including dog Skye, lizard Oscar and several fish.

Diane has been working with children, babies and adults in the fitness and recreation industry for over 25 years. It is truly her passion to bring fitness and wellness into persons lives in a way that engages their sense of fun, play and imagination.

She is a Can-fit pro certified group instructor, as well as a certified NLS lifeguard, swimming instructor and aquafit instructor. Diane started in the city of Vaughan as a kindergym instructor, going on to teaching the preschool instructors training program for the city of Vaughan. Since the birth of her daughter in 2001 Diane has been teaching mommy and baby fitness programs. From the first class she went to and experienced the ‘Circle of Life’ warm-up she was ‘hooked’ and never looked back. Mommy and baby fitness has become her career, and considers it a joy and extreme privilege to be invited into moms lives at one of the most important and enjoyable times of their life with their young babies. Through continuing education by way of workshops as well as working so closely with new moms and raising her own children has helped Diane to become a baby ‘expert’, being interviewed by the Toronto Star, and featured on Erika Ehm’s ‘Yummy Mummy show in 2004 and on the Mom Show in 2005. Group discussions in her classes are informative on subjects such as , baby proofing the home, teething, making your own baby food, how to choose good toys for your baby or toddler without breaking the bank, and activities for your baby that will aid their physical development.

Volunteering in her children’s school to bring exercise and fun into their day has been met with great appreciation from the teachers, so much so that they have asked Diane to do a training with the teachers to bring more creative ideas on how to bring activity into the children’s day.

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Sarah Snider

Sarah Snider

Sarah Snider, license owner of Mommy and Baby Fitness for Newmarket,  has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years. She completed an Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from McMaster University in 2005, and also studied Exercise Science abroad at the University of Wollongong (Australia) for one year.

After her completion of university, Sarah worked simultaneously in a multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinic and at a fitness facility, and it was here she developed a passion for re-introducing clients to a health-conscious lifestyle incorporating good nutrition and appropriate exercises.

Sarah believes that continuing education is crucial for staying at the leading edge of the fitness field, and commits herself to regular training seminars and conferences. Additional courses and qualifications include Soft Tissue Release Therapy, Functional Assessment Evaluations, Pre/Post-Natal Training, Lower/Upper Body Postural Assessment, and Exercise Progressions for Lower/Upper Injuries and Conditions.

Since giving birth to her daughter in 2011, Sarah has become dedicated to providing safe effective exercises to pre and postpartum mothers. She is a huge advocate of “moms helping moms”, and acknowledges the huge impact regular physical activity has on the psychosocial and lifestyle aspects of families.

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Gosia Krolikowska

Gosia Krolikowska

Gosia Krolikowska, is the licensed owner of Mommy and Baby for Oakville and Kitchener area. Gosia has been a Personal Trainer since 2013. She also ran Mommy and Baby stroller fitness classes in Mississauga/Etobicoke and worked as a Stretch N’ Grow Kids Fitness Instructor. Gosia brings a fun, loving and caring approach to fitness. She believes mommies need fitness for their own sanity, self-esteem and for their families!

Decide to make YOUR HEALTH a priority and you will raise healthy, happy children.

This fitness journey will keep you accountable and on track and possibly offer friendships and support that last a lifetime.

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Jing Cai

 Jing Cai

Total Gym Gravity Master Trainer
Personal Trainer
Nutrition & Wellness Specialist
Group Exercise Instructor

Areas of Practice

Jing lives and runs Mommy and Baby Fitness in Pickering. Jing’s training style can best be described as a total mind and body approach.  She achieves this by combining a variety of methods.  Depending on your goals, this will be a dynamic workout using resistance training, sports movement, core-conditioning, and functional training utilizing GRAVITYTraining System™, BOSU®, TRX®, PowerPlate® and any other cutting edge training equipment available.  Weight management, Fat loss, Injury Prevention, Sports Performance, Mind and Body Integration are Jing’s focus training areas.


Jing has been a certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, and Group Exercise Instructor since 1995.  In her previous positions as a Fitness Manager and Studio Owner, Jing continues to stay current in the industry by attending yearly conferences, workshops and seminars.  She has continuously worked as a fitness professional with passion, commitment and knowledge.

Philosophy of Practice

Our body is meant to move and function well every day.  The best way to stay alive with no pain is to breathe with joy and love.  Every body is unique!  I believe that versatility in training methods can guarantee a healthy mind and body.

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Annette Ranger

GymZone Gymnastics & Athletics

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Maisie Roche

Maisie Roche

Maisie Roche is the licensee member in Etobicoke, where she lives with her husband Kyle, two boys Carson and Kellen, and their dog Dingo.

Maisie grew up in the Northwest Chicago Suburbs. She graduated from Western Illinois University where she studied Marketing. While in university she began working as a group fitness instructor and fell in love with fitness and helping others. Since then, she has become a certified personal trainer with canfitpro. She intends to complete her health and nutrition courses next to maximize her efforts in helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.

Maisie was introduced to Mommy and Baby Fitness in 2016 when she attended Adas class with her oldest Carson. She loved the support, being outside, and most importantly getting out of the house and talking to other moms. She knew there was a huge need for Mommy and Baby Fitness in Etobicoke. It was a no brainer to begin teaching classes in Etobicoke.

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Christine Jansen

Christine Jansen

Christine Jansen, proud licensed owner of Mommy and Baby Fitness for Bradford, has her BSc in Nursing and is an avid lover and enthusiast of all things fitness. Not only is Christine a certified personal trainer, she has completed Ironman, Half Ironman (70.3) and competed in the World Championship Triathlon age group for Olympic Distance. As a boot camp instructor for level 1 and 2 and a Boston Marathon finisher, Christine’s background and involvement in fitness is no joke!

Christine has lived in Bradford for over 12 years and as her 3 children came along, noticed there were no fitness classes near her that would involve both mom and child. Between being a mom of 3 and childcare owner for 10 years, Christine saw Mommy and Baby Fitness as a great way to spread her fitness knowledge to new moms in her area. Between living out an active routine and fuelling your body with nutritious foods, Christine truly believes these are the keys to living a healthy and happy life.

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Andrée Matkowski

Andrée Matkowski

My name is Andrée Matkowski and I’ve always had a great love for fitness. As a busy mom of four, I know how difficult it is to find time to exercise, which is why I am very excited to be a Mommy & Baby Fitness license owner in Thompson Manitoba. I think it’s extremely important for moms to connect with other moms, while bonding with their babies (and why not workout at the same time?!).

Besides being a school secretary, I am also a certified Zumba instructor (including Strong by Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Step and Zumba Kids and Kids Jr.). In my “spare time”, I shuttle my kids around to their weekly activities. I enjoy nature walks and creating lifelong memories with my family.

Balance is the key to a healthy and happy life; do what you love and love what you do! Looking forward to seeing you at one of my classes!

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Thompson, Manitoba

Brittany Sande

Brittany Sande

Brittany Sande, Mommy and Baby Fitness license owner in Ponoka Alberta, is also the owner of Jump Mixx Fitness. Jump Mixx offers a fun cardio class called Jumpin Jax which involves a Jump boot; also provided is a Dance2Fit program.

Brittany is a mother of 2, and Brittany and her husband own a roofing company in their hometown. Brittany joined a local crossfit group back in 2015 and loved it. When offered the opportunity to teach Jumpin Jax she got trained up and started classes; she became certified in Dance2Fit in 2017! Currently she is taking a pre and post natal program. Health and Fitness is a passion of Brittany’s and she loves to do it alongside others. Postpartum is where Brittany’s heart lies and she cannot wait to bring Mommy and Baby Fitness programs to her home town. As a medic and mother she has seen firsthand the struggle after having a baby, and feels this program will offer a lot in her small community! Outside of the fitness world, Brittany’s passion is to help; she volunteers with the local Police Station with Victim Services, helping people in the time of crime and tragedy.

“I’m on a journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!”

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Ponoka, Alberta

Nancy Corbin

Nancy Corbin

Bio coming soon!

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Hearst and Surrounding

Andrea Stratis-Kelly
0405 383 976

Andrea Stratis-Kelly

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Amanda Reynolds

Amanda Reynolds

Amanda is an upstate New York local who started dancing at the age of seven and has a wide spread background in all genres of dance with an exceptional interest in Hip Hop and Modern. After years of intensive master classes at Broadway Dance Center in NYC, Pulse tours and years of being a competitive dancer, Amanda evolved into a recognized competitive instructor and choreographer.  She works at both regional and national levels.   In 2010,  Amanda joined partnership and opened the dance school “Ballet and All That Jazz, LLC” in East Greenbush, NY.  As an instructor, her teaching style is fresh, innovative and wildly popular amongst today’s youth to inspire them to work to their best potential.  Please visit for more information on her dance school.

Amanda’s journey as a fitness instructor began in 2011 when she became a certified Zumba Fitness Intructor and active ZIN Member.  Amanda loves the energy and results from this terrific workout!

In 2012, she began ”Fitness by Amanda Leigh” which is specifically designed to help empower others fitness goals and to create fitness programs that is fun!  Amanda’s fitness motto is “Never doubt yourself!”  She is excited to begin her newest journey as a Mommy & Baby Fitness Instructor.

Fun Facts: Amanda has extensively trained under many celebrities including Luam, Mia Michaels, Wade Robson and Frank Hatchett. Also, Amanda has received numerable prestigious awards and high scores for her routines, including choreography awards and entertainment awards at many dance competitions.  She loves to visit NYC to attend annual Dance Teacher Seminars to exceed in extraordinary educational trainings from the top dance educators from all around the world.  Amanda lives in upstate New York with her fiancee, Wayne and two daughters Rayleigh and Roselyn.

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Upstate New York

bsternBeth G. Stern

Beth G. Stern

I’ve been teaching group fitness classes since 1998.I’m certified through AAAI and Maddogg. I will be giving birth to my first child in August. I am SO excited to bring Mommy and Baby Fitness to NH.

Health and Fitness is a passion that I love to share with people. I believe it’s important for moms and kids to stay healthy and active. How perfect to have a play date and a work out at the same time. I think a group like this will bring lasting friendships for the moms and for the babies.

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Concord, NH

Crystal Beas

Crystal Beas

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San Jose, California

Martina Petrikova Smicekova

Martina Petrikova Smicekova

My name is Martina Petrikova. I live in Slovakia – Ivanka pri Dunaji. I graduated from Faculty of Physical Education and Geography. I used to play handball for 15 years, where I played for Presov , Bratislava and Sweden. After school I worked for IBM. Lately I am on maternity leave. I have 2 bautiful girls – Nellka is 3.5 years and Petra is 1,5 years. During this time I have decided to start with Mommy and baby fitness program because in Slovakia it is lack of this kind of training and so make some fun for other moms. I have obtained international certificate of Mommy and baby fitness from Canada summer 2011. I practise Stroller fitness during warm part of the year. I have got certificate for swedish and sport massage as well.

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 ZsolnaiDiana Zsolnai van Heerden

Diana Zsolnai van Heerden

Diana has been a Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer for over 15 years now. She is now a proud mommy of 2. She has a mixed sports background. As a child she was into everything: dance, kayaking, tennis, judo.
She started her career back home in Hungary. Then she decided to see the world and sailed the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. She worked on a cruise ship as a Personal Trainer.  After her adventure she settled in London. She has been teaching all types of Fitness classes (TRX, Kettlebells, Pilates, Boxfit, Dance Fit, Body Pump, Spinning, Rebound and many more).

When she was pregnant with her first child, she took on Mommy and Baby Fitness so she could exercise with her baby and teach new mom’s how important it is to keep fit. What better way to do it then bonding with your baby at the same time. She now has 2 kids and she now takes the youngest one for her classes.

She is happy to set up classes for private request. She is also happy to run 1 to 1 or group pre – natal sessions too.
She has been training throughout both of her pregnancies and can’t emphasize enough the positive effect of it on both her and her babies’ health.

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London, UK


Yessica Figueroa

Yessica Figueroa

My name is Yessica Figueroa, and I am located in Ciudad Juarez, Chih, Mexico just across the border from El Paso, Texas.
My husband Rene and I have a son (Nicolas, he is my inspiration). We own an early stimulation center just for babies: StiMyGym where We offer a variety of services for mommy-daddy and baby, including matroswimming, early stimulation lessons, prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, and of course, Mommy and Baby Fitness Work and Play. I got my certification in Spain (Matroswimming), Mexico (Early Stimulation) and a year ago, in M&BFWP.
 I fell in love with babies; they are my passion!! I really enjoy their sweet tiny smiles when they accomplish an exercise… it’s amazing!
Moreover, I like to exercise and be in a good shape. I have practiced Crossfit, weight training and spinning for several years. When I was pregnant I used to train 6 days a week, and a would like to share my experience with future moms and new moms that excercising and eating well are essential to physical and emotional health.

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Ciudad Juarez, Mexico