Laura Emch Berry

Laura Emch Berry

Toronto - Midtown

Laura Emch Berry has been the licence owner of Mommy and Baby Fitness Mid-Town Toronto since 2009. Having
taught some classes during her first maternity leave and falling in love with the classes and especially the Mommies
and Babies she taught, obtaining the licence for mid-town was a no-brainer after she had her second child. one more child later and she loves it as much as when she started!

Her education background in Kinesiology, certifications in fitness instruction, pre and post natal fitness, personal
training, coaching and sports nutrition bring a level of expertise to her class construction. Her experience being a mom
to now three children brings a level of fun and understanding which creates a relaxed and social atmosphere in her classes. Laura has developed classes that grow with the mommies and babies including traditional Mommy and Baby Fitness classes (ages 6 weeks to moving), SuperMom class (includes babysitting for movers and shakers), Mommy Bootcamp (for the back to work crowd) and  Family FitCamp (for the whole family) as well as Personal Training. Laura believes a good Mom is a strong, healthy, happy Mom and this easily transfers into the whole family.

Laura is constantly updating her qualification and keeping up to date with the latest research. She has many interesting and helpful speakers come into her classes which adds great value. She also has many resources to help new Moms
when things get crazy!!

Check out our schedule, class descriptions and events for mid-town Toronto and we look forward to seeing you at one
of our classes!!! Laura Emch Berry BHnrsKin, CPTN-PT, Can-Fit FIS, Sports Nutrition Certificate -Precision Nutrition,
CSIA III/CSCF II, “Fit to Deliver” Prenatal Fitness Certification.

I also offer flexible personal training for pre and post natal fitness goals. Sessions run between 45-60 minutes in home (yours or mine) with the opportunity to workout online as well. If getting out of the house is a struggle please contact me in regards to this fun and convenient way to get fit!!



**you are welcome to start mid session, cost is prorated**

Mommy and Baby Fitness Class:

This class is for every Mommy looking to get moving again! Turn your body into a strong, healthy, energetic
Mommy-Machine as well as enjoying our fun interactive, stimulating class for baby! Our workouts are researched
and designed to challenge you while incorporating fun movements with babies in our warmup and stretching/core
sections. Our baby portion of the class includes a huge spectrum of songs, rhymes, parachute and bubble activities
and is always the highlight of the class for babies and Moms alike. This class is ideal for babies age 6 weeks til moving


This class is designed as an extra workout for Moms who want to do more during the week but do not want the hassle of packing baby up and travelling to a class. All you need is a mobile device, download a free video conferencing app, exercise mat and light weights at home. A small space in your house where you can move around is necessary as well (ie living room, family room).

Wednesdays 9:15am-10:00am
January 9th – March 6th
9 weeks $159.00 plus HST

March 20th – May 1st
7 weeks $139.00 plus HST

Trace Manes Community Center – Rumnsey/McRae Leaside
Wednesdays 11:45-1:00pm
January 9th, 2019 – March 6th, 2019
9 weeks $198.00 plus HST

March 20th – May 1st
7 weeks $159.00 plus HST

Temple Sinai – Wilson Avenue and Avenue Road
**Please bring an exercise mat if you have one for classes at this location**
Mondays 11:00-12:30pm
January 7th, 2019 – March 4th, 2019 (NO class Feb 18th)
8 weeks $176.00 plus HST

March 18th – April 29th
7 weeks $159.00 plus HST

Korean United Church – southwest corner of Dunblaine and Kelso (Avenue Rd and Wilson)
**plenty of parking located at the church, enter through double doors on northside of church**
Thursdays 11:00-12:30pm
January 11th – March 8th
9 weeks $198.00 plus HST

March 21st – May 2nd
7 weeks $159.00 plus HST




This class is for all those Moms who enjoy the outdoors and fresh air! This class combines a challenging 50 minute
workout with babies in their strollers relaxing as well as our fun, interactive, stimulating class for babies at the finish.
This class is great for babies 6 weeks until they are walking beside you…! As long as they enjoy being in the stroller
they will love cheering Mommy on from the sidelines!


Sherwood Park – Mt. Pleasant North of Eglinton

Monday 11:00-12:30pm
May 6th – July 22nd (NO class May 20th, June 17th and 24th and July 1st)
8 weeks $179.00 plus HST

Sept 9th – October 28th
7 weeks $159.00 plus HST

Wednesdays 11:00-12:30
May 8th – July 24th (NO class June 19th)
11 weeks $209.00 plus HST

Sept 4th – October 30th
9 weeks $199.00 plus HST

Thursdays 11:00-12:30
May 9th – July 25th (NO class June 20th)
11 weeks $209.00 plus HST

Sept 5th – October 31st
9 weeks $199.00 plus HST




This class was designed for the Mommies with little movers and shakers. Instead of chasing baby around the gym
for the whole class you can come and have baby watched in a super safe and fun kidnasium environment while we
work out in the room right next door. This class is more challenging for Mommy and the workouts vary every week and
include interval, circuits, cardio and many more! This class also includes the fun, interactive, stimulating baby class as soon as our workout is done.


NEW Location Coming Soon



Mommy Bootcamp:

This is your typical bootcamp style class. Challenging workouts designed to increase your strength, flexibility and
energy levels! Alot of core work and stretching and everyone works out at their own level of intensity etc so you do not
have to be intimidated. This class is an hour in length and usually takes place during evenings and on weekends. This class also offers the opportunity to join in from the comfort of your own home. If the reason you have not been working out is because you cannot get out to do so please contact me for more details!!


Body&Soul Fitness Eglinton and Avenue Rd

 Mondays 8:00pm-9:00pm

January 7th, 2019 – March 4th, 2019
8 weeks $179.00 plus HST

March 18th – June 10th
13 weeks $239.00 plus HST

Sherwood Park – Mt Pleasant and Eglinton
See you in May 2019!!



Family FitCamp:

This class I have designed for the WHOLE family!!! I feel strongly that healthy habits and lifestyles begin at home
and young! I think it is one of the most important things you can teach your children is how to move, enjoy moving
and be proud of strong healthy bodies. What better way to teach your kids that then be good role models and teach
them how to sweat first hand!!! Moms and Dads this class is full of challenging exercises for you and the kids and
will move outside once the weather warms up in the spring. This class is designed for adults and kids of ANY ages.


Sherwood Park – Mt Pleasant and Eglinton – plenty of FREE parking
Sundays 9:30am – 10:30am
See you in May 2019!!



Healthy Mommy Personal Training:

Do you want to kick start your fitness goals, feel better everyday, have more energy to keep up with your little one/s and kick those post pregnancy blues to the curb? Personal Training might be a good options for you. If you find it hard to get out of the house but want to get moving again then lets chat! I work with women of all ages and sizes and fitness levels. I customize a program for you and provide you with workouts you can do at home as well. I provide daily support and can provide nutritional guidance as well.
I workout out of your home or mine or even outside if you want. I am available during the days from 9-3pm (working around classes of course) and would love to chat with you about working together.
Workouts are 45-60 minutes and equipment is provided:
1 workout per week $70.00 plus HST
2-3 workouts per week $65.00 plus HST
Package of 10 workouts $625.00 plus HST
Semi-Private (max 3 people) $35.00 per person




There are many discounts available to those who register for multiple classes, regardless of the class. Please
contact me directly with the classes you are interested in and I will get back to you with a rate.