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Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout and Play are excited to offer our 2 hour class full of exercise, interaction, socializing and fun for you and your baby. We begin with a mom and baby warm up where we will hold our babies, lift them and utilize them as weights, interact with other moms and babies, sing and dance with our little ones and enjoy! If your baby is asleep at the beginning there are light weights for you to utilize as well!
In this class we work around our babies schedules so sleeping, diaper changing, feeding, crying! all goes on throughout the class!
Our Mom and Baby warm ups last up to approx. 15 mins. and at that time we will put our babies down either back into their car seats or strollers, or onto mats that are supplied and so your baby is right beside you. We also have a couple of “exersaucers” that are perfect for crawling and more mobile babies.
We continue with our “mommy only” work out – every week we will do a different fitness class for mom – quite intense but easy to follow and always post natal. Be prepared to sweat! We utilize the equipment in the studio including steps, balls, weights, body bars, etc.
Following the “mommy only” workout (approx. 20 mins.) we will bring our babies onto our mats with us and continue muscular strengthening and our cool down stretching and “mommy meditation”!
The fitness class is one hour.
After our work out we start our infant stimulation – our fun and famous huge repertoire of songs, rhymes, fingerplays, kneebouncers, bubbles, parachute games and fun for baby! You will receive a song and rhyme booklet as well – excellent to share at home!
The infant stimulation session is approx. 30 mins.
The last half hour of our class consists of a group discussion and occasional guest speakers.

Please wear or bring comfortable exercise clothing and running shoes. You may bring your stroller right into the aerobic studio with you, and please bring a blanket for your baby.

Mommy and Baby Fitness is proud to offer our very fair and very lenient missed class/make up class policy; Any missed classes may be made up at any of our other Mommy and Baby Fitness venues of your choice WITHIN YOUR 8 WEEK SESSION.

If your class has already started we are happy to pro rate it for you. Please call 905-770-3400 or email us

Please use this form to register for your class. PLEASE SPECIFY CLASS LOCATION AND DAY!!

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