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This interactive and fun class is much more than just a walk in the park!!! Your session includes power walking while pushing your baby in their stroller, and incorporates muscular strengthening and conditioning while we go! Although we strive to challenge your cardio and muscles with an intense workout……..everyone works at your own pace within your own intensity. We utilize steps, stairs, curbs and picnic tables, and so much more as circuits to add to your workout to create a total boot camp style class! Strolleryoga is also included. Following the workout session is our infant stimulation portion to entertain and play with baby! The class as a group will do circle time, songs, rhymes, kneebouncers, bubbles and parachute games under the shade of the trees, and close with a brief group discussion. This class is suitable for babies aged 6 weeks – 20 months. The class runs for 90 mins. Rain dates will be discussed at the beginning of the session.

**Has the class you are interested in already started? You can still join (space permitting) and we will pro-rate the cost for you!**

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